UITDRAGEN 2012 – source book

This sourcebook’ is about the past, today and the future. It consists of a ‘Book of Life’ and a ‘Book of Death’.
The Book of Death is the black book. It weighs a few pounds and cannot be opened. The book symbolizes the history of oppression, persecution, expulsion and extermination. The light book embodies the celebration of life. The inextricable fact that the Jewish history will always be a heavy burden is symbolized by the strap. This object shows the possibility to get rid of the burden and live a ‘lighter’ life.

The content on the outside of the Book of Life shows the Jewish year with all it’s holidays and mourning days. The inside shows the life of a (traditional) Jew; from life ’till death with all it’s traditions and festivities. The book is designed as a flipbook because both will continue through time.

To turn the pages click next to the grey dot below the image or drag it to the right until the arrow changes into a little hand.

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