I’m Laurianne Houtman and I graduated in 2012 at the Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam where I studied Visual Communication. I’m a graphic designer, illustrator and work under the name Madame Fourmilion.
In the future I’ll be selling things like stationary, toys, prints, and more
under the name MFPetite. 

My way of working is that I like to search for the right approach and or technique which fits the assignment best. Of course the client and/ or the ‘end user’ will influence this as well. This may be the reason that my work is so diverse.
I always like to start by hand first, and if necessary, complete it by using the computer. In this way I will maintain some kind of control over the design and it will always be made by me. As I know it’s not always the clients question or desire, I like it when there’s some sort of story behind the design, wether it’s telling a real story or just the process of making it, or for who it will be.

You can check out my work and products by clicking on the ‘portfolio‘ button above. If you want to know more about it or if you’re excited about my work and you’d like to have your own ‘Madame Fourmilion-design‘, you can always contact me by email. If you’re interested in a possible cooperation, please contact me too!


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