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Last week I made my LAST Confetti WEEKLY! 51 weekly illustrations in a year’s time.
Because this was the last WEEKLY in the last full week of 2015 I created this festive scene with the usual holiday greetings and included all my Confetti colleagues and freelancers.

In the gallery below you’ll find some details from the illustration. Click next to the grey dot to browse through them. (I’m the dancer on the left in the 2nd picture.)

The other WEEKLYs are included in the gallery below.


The 12th of December 2014 I started ‘Confetti WEEKLY’, a weekly project during one year
The WEEKLYs are an illustrated round-up of what has been going on at Confetti Reclame that
week and they’re being posted on the Confetti’s Facebook-page.

Every week I share the new WEEKLY in the gallery below.
You can browse through them by clicking next to the grey dot.




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