Republic Moto Rotterdam

At the end of last year I got the change to design and decorate a helmet for the new motorcycle lifestyle shop (and horeca place) Republic Moto in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. My theme, of course, was the city of Rotterdam and the shop itself.

The store, at the Goudsesingel, is located in the Fire Boundary, which is an important part of Rotterdam its history. This boundary is marked with little red lights on the sidewalks with an image of a city in flames, a German bomber and the statue of Zadkine “the ruined city”. I integrated this image with a fiery motorcycle, Republic Moto’s logo, the protective eye and the big cranes that graces the skyline of Rotterdam. (Rotterdam is also know for its port, for a very long time…)

For some extra decoration I added the black and white patterns which are printed on the interior of the NEXX helmet within the triangle on the back, which in this position symbolises the elements fire and air.

There you go…

This is already my second helmet I’ve personalised. If you like something personalised yourself, please contact me. I’ll be happy to design something for you!